S O U L  C R E A T I O N S
Have you ever felt a desire, so afire that words are helpless to explain?
Or have you ever felt inspiration, so much alive and joyful that moving your body would only
make it become even more present, urging to become something manifested?
This is when art is needed. People always tell me they cannot create anything.
That they’re not good enough, and not able to make it look like what they have imagined before. But so often art doesn’t give you what you want. It doesn`t care what you imagine. It gives you what you need.
Before you even know that you need it.
And it can be scary, cause it`s the unknown running through your fingers,
through the brush, on white, empty canvas.
Where we can then see and judge it. Call it beautiful or failed.
And we don`t wanna be judged, especially not by ourselves cause so often,
it`s the most hurtful voice speaking to us.
But the truth is, there is nothing but relief in creating art.
It never is failed. It never is ugly. It never ever is not enough.
It`s what your heart needs to say in that very moment, that very period in your life. And you deserve to make it real and be seen. Give it all your attention. Love it with all your heart. You will discover parts of yourself you could have never imagined.
And it will set you free.
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