I was born in beautiful Austria and spent most of my time moving,
dreaming of wide skies. Rooted in american family history, my beloved, traveling grandmother always inspired me to keep exploring the unknown magic planet earth has to offer. When I was 8 years old, gazing at the desert night sky of Nevada from top of my grandma's camping van, I promised myself to never stop searching for answers to all the questions in my curious mind.
Deep anchored in the art of words, writing has always been my way to
explain the world to myself and connect with people from the heart.
When 2016, I first took a step into a yoga center I didn’t know that this will change everything within and around me. After a year of practice and self-exploration,
I signed up for yoga teacher training and caught fire even more.
Since then my daily on and off the mat practice taught me patience and trust.
Taught me to let got and feel free in my skin. Taught me the strength to show the world my most possible warm side even when moments turn cold for myself.
My personal self-experience of opening up, falling to pieces and finding my own truth, trough letting go of everything in between, awoke the wish to support people in their deepest transformations. Encourage them to allow self-love through accepting who they seek to be. Shaking off the layers not needed.
I love yoga, art, free movements, learning, self-baked cake, people laughing, people crying, mountains, child pose, trees, love songs, sunlight, coffee, eye contact, dogs, wolves, being ignored by cats, poetry, paper, street food, heat, nights, warm rain, messy beds, waves, stories, waking up with dreams of last night, whales, touching things, touching people, banana pancakes, horses, guitar solos, hugs, chewing gum, wildfire, feeling too much, being outside, sharing and receiving, early mornings, candles.
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