L O V E  Y O U  W I L D



With LoveYouWild I wanna create a movement to love ourselves and others from the core of who we are.

And this might maybe sound like an easy thing to do, cause deep-rooted in ourselves it’s our greatest

longing to be able to exist and be loved unconditionally without being judged for whatever

we create, say or how we act. But the truth is, it’s a long way to acceptance and pure love.

At the same time, it’s the most precious gift you will give to yourself and anyone else.

The gift of freedom and living a (more or less) fearless life.

LoveYouWild is loving guidance back to raw self-acceptance.

Back to the awareness, that you are perfect exactly the way you are.

Your decisions, your actions, your past, the grief and anger, and all the weird emotions along the way,

that make you feel so insecure sometimes, are perfect. Your longings, all of your dreams,

every experience that keeps you holding on to this life is perfect because this is you.

So unique and different. An incredible piece of art.


Inspired by one of the deepest souls,

and most heartwarming minds - the poet Atticus

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S O U L  T O  S O U L  –  

Der Podcast über Wissenschaft, Spiritualität & Menschlichkeit


Wir heilen nicht alleine - Wir heilen zusammen.

Jede Woche versorgen wir euch mit super interessanten  Interviews zu wissenschaftlichen Themen & inspirierenden

Schicksalen und Geschichten die uns bewegen.


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